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 Our partner groups working to save Nevada’s Wild Horses!

 Wild Horse Connection 

WHPL & WHC work in collaboration to educate our local communities about living with over 3,000 Virginia Range Mustangs safely. Through WHC’s Range Management Cooperative Agreement with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, they oversee volunteers who work on several community projects. After obtaining permission from landowners, the volunteer teams divert wild horses from neighborhoods, roadways, and unsafe areas through diversionary feeding during winter months, protect water resources, address fencing projects, and more. Through the 24-Hour Wild Horse Hotline – (775) 352-3944 – WHC provides coordination of dispatch calls to address injured or sick horses, horses in areas they shouldn’t be, trapped or stuck horses, foals in trouble, and more. Horses that need to be removed from the range due to illness or injury, or orphan foals, become adoptable when healthy; more about that can be found at Volunteers are always welcome to help with the many projects, especially the 24/7 Foal Nursery. Email for more information.

The Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association

The Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund – or

The Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates

Least Resistance Training Concepts and Technical Large Animal Rescue

American Wild Horse Campaign

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & More, WIN Rescue & Rehab Project

Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary

Wild Horse Tourism

Wild Horse Adventure


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