Framed Mark Terrell Wild Horse Prints


One of the longest and most popular art exhibits on display at the Reno-Tahoe International Air Port was “Wild Horses: Spirit of the West.” It featured framed prints donated by Dayton, Nevada’s own Mark Terrell, acclaimed photographer of wild horses. This exhibit, formerly lining the walkway from the security check area to the gate area, is now available to art and horse lovers for a donation to the Wild Horse Preservation League, starting at  $125.00. These funds will be used to continue our approved diversionary feeding projects and support of rescue organizations. These beautifully matted and glass framed prints make perfect gifts, and Christmas is just around the corner! Your generosity will benefit the Virginia Range Wild Horses in a year fraught with drought, wildfires, and smoke. Each frame is black and measures 21”x17.25”. The matted prints measure 14”x11.” This is how the exhibit was displayed at RNO.


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