About Us

The Wild Horse Preservation League is based in Dayton, Nevada, near our State’s Capital, Carson City. Our unique situation involves wild horses managed by both the Nevada Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. Not only does the federal government own 28 percent of all U.S. land, according to Time, but a large chunk of their ownership is in Nevada, where 84.9 percent of the state’s land is owned by the government.

The Wild Horse Preservation League was formed in 2001 as an organization dedicated to be a “VOICE” for wild horses. Public education is a tool we have always utilized to create awareness of our wild horses’ need for citizen protection. As the needs of the horses have changed, so too has WHPL evolved to meet those needs by supporting training for our members in the areas of PZP birth control, WHIMS (Wild Horse Information Management System) database training and updates, Technical Large Animal Rescue standards and techniques, and FEMA, EPA, and BLM compliance requirements. We have worked with local government, Home Owners Associations, and private property owners to help manage the wild horses for their own safety and that of our citizens.

Our Mission
Together we are dedicated to preserving and safeguarding wild horses in their natural habitats, nurturing informed communities, and amplifying the voices of our Wild Horse Alliance members in Northwest Nevada.

Our Core Pillars
1. Wild Horse Welfare:
We are committed to the compassionate care and protection of wild horses in their natural habitats. Through advocacy, rescue initiatives, and responsible management, we strive to ensure the well-being and freedom of these magnificent creatures, respecting their integral role in the ecosystem.

2. Community Education and Outreach:
Education is the cornerstone of positive change. We engage with communities, schools, and individuals to foster a deep understanding of wild horses, their ecological significance, and the importance of coexistence. Through workshops, outreach programs, and immersive experiences, we empower people to become stewards of our shared natural heritage.

3. Promotion of Wild Horse Alliance: Members:
We are a united front, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Wild Horse Alliance members. By amplifying their voices, sharing their stories, and promoting their initiatives, we strengthen the collective impact of organizations dedicated to wild horse preservation. Together, we work tirelessly to protect these magnificent animals and their habitats.

Our Vision
We envision a future where wild horses roam free, where communities are educated and actively involved in their preservation, and where every Wild Horse Alliance member has the resources and support needed to make a lasting difference. Through collaboration, advocacy, and education, we aim to create a Northwest Nevada where humans and wild horses coexist harmoniously, ensuring a legacy of biodiversity and natural beauty for generations to come.

Join us in our mission. Together, let’s create a world where wild horses thrive, communities are educated, and the Alliance for wild horse welfare stands strong.

Information about the organization’s efforts
If discretions occur by governmental agencies, we will notify the press, other wild horse organizations and the general public. We monitor pending laws in Legislation relating to wild horses, burros, livestock, open space and water rights, and when necessary, testifying. We work to obtain true and correct numbers of wild horses, burros and livestock on both State and public lands. We work with other local and National advocacy groups to document the horses, to include their social structure and families. We administer birth control to the mares to manage the growing population and enable wild horses to continue to live on public and private lands, maintaining their freedom to reproduce, but in smaller numbers, rather than have them captured and fed, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

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