Welcome to the Wild Horse Preservation League

The Wild Horse Preservation League was formed in 2001.

We strive to be a “VOICE” for wild horses.

We are committed to the protection of wild horses in their natural habitats.

We engage with communities, schools, and individuals.

We are a united front with the Wild Horse Alliance members.

We aim to create a Nevada where humans and wild horses coexist harmoniously.

Join us in our mission!

Together, let’s create a world where wild horses thrive.

Who We Are
Welcome to our website! The Wild Horse Preservation League, is a non‐profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving America’s wild horses. Charitable contributions are accepted and are tax deductible. Wild horses have been declared a National Heritage who represent to us, and to the rest of the United States, the spirit of freedom and independence we so cherish. We can—and will—make a difference

The Wild Horse Dilemma
As early as the 1900’s, two million horses roamed wild in North America. But that time exists only in the pages of history. Progress has reduced the wild horses’ range today, replacing grassland with farms, ranches, roads, highways, and cities. Many remaining wild horses now run through publicly‐owned lands, and on private sanctuaries set‐aside for them— small corners of the range they once reigned. Since 1980, well over four million American horses have been slaughtered in the U.S., and Canada, with their meat exported for human consumption.



Download the Wild Horse Adventures of Nevada brochure for a list of tour guides.

Find areas to view wild horses in Western Nevada, Northwestern Nevada, Central Nevada, Northeastern Nevada, Eastern Nevada, Southeastern Nevada, or Southern Nevada. Or visit this virtual map


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